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June 7, 2010 / starwalkman

Biggest UFO around the sun – New photos 2010-6-6

same scale from origine pictures of nasa  –  size  2048×2048


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More Pics in my message  :


Pic by e6722maj


EMVs in the Corona of the Sun and the Rings of Saturn – James Horak explains


JPEG Artifacts can sometimes give very odd appearance to the common objects
But a five-pointed star or a swastika is more complicated than a sphere or a spot
no matter how the compression of jpeg works,a five-pointed is always a shape of five-pointed

NASA said ,what we can see here can only be
– Cosmic rays and/or
– Stars in the background
both distorted by the high JPEG compression factors

But for this one:

a compression of image cann’t create a shape which has some kind of structure
this one has highlight and dark-and-light  like 3d objets under the sunlight


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